Silvia Carvalho

Studies in 3D optimize client understanding

As we begin a new project within the office conducted the Survey Data (briefing with the client and Measures conference) and soon after departed to step Preliminary Study. In this present, after intense study of the best technical and aesthetic solutions, a plant layout and virtual 3D images. These pictures are made in programs that simulate a mockup of the space project. The goal is to have a more precise idea of proportions, colors, shapes, materials, lighting and concepts before commencing the works and various purchases. This way the client does not have the feeling of being out of the domain of the final result and managed to work their best expectations.

To illustrate we present a design presented in “Apartment St. Augustine” and just beside a picture taken at the site after the completion of our 3D work. Look at the resemblance! It’s almost a “Seven Errors” game!

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